Dog Walking & Pet Services


Our Story

Hello,my name is Georgina I live with my husband and our two children aged 17 & 13. We have lived in Portchester for nearly 20 years. We have a nice garden which is fully enclosed and secure. I have owned dogs since growing up. I have alot of experience of dogs. We currently have 14 of our own most of which are rescues. The oldest is 5 years and the youngest is 1 year old, most are Siberian huskies and we also have Labrador. I am very proud how everyone comments on how friendly they are at meeting new people or old friends. Our dogs work as well so they have been training to race in organised racing events for dryland mushing, scootering, bikejor. Also this season our son has been running his own 3 dog team. They all love and enjoy working. We are very well known within the Portchester area for our well behaved dogs. With the group walks I only ever walk a maximum of 6 dogs in total. With my own dogs they are all walked/exercised early in the morning as they are in training for racing. Unless you request for your dog to be socialised with any of ours.

Our Furry Family

This is a photo of some of our adult furry family members, of these are rescue dogs. I have spent alot of time training and rehabilitating them to help them over come the issues they had. To become the awsome animals they are today I am so proud of them.

Our Youngest of the family

The cheeky one of the family. Who is always trying to get in to mischief. She is such a good girl, learning everything really quickly.

Sled dog Racing

All of our dogs run and really enjoy sled dog racing. Visit our facebook page and see the updates on our racing.